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From tom stuart <>
Subject disable-output-escaping
Date Wed, 19 Apr 2000 18:44:09 GMT

Does Cocoon (Xalan?) support

	<xsl:text disable-output-escaping="yes">&lt;foo&gt;</xsl:text>

or is this yet to be implemented? Is it supported but rendered useless by
the formatters?

I ask because of a thorny problem I'm having, which may or may not have an
alternative solution. I want to output cells into a table with the option
of dynamically closing the current row and starting a new one. So I'm
trying to do

	<xsl:for-each select="item">
			<xsl:value-of select="name"/>
		<xsl:if test="newrow=1">

but it's choking ('org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: The element type
"xsl:if" must be terminated by the matching end-tag ""') presumably
because I appear to be improperly nesting the <tr>s, although the output
itself should be perfectly well-formed, obvious colspan-mismatch problems

How can I get around this? Using <xsl:text>, <![CDATA[]]> and a few even
worse ways, I've only managed to get escaped HTML output, ie.

Any ideas?


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