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From tom stuart <>
Subject Re: XSL Output
Date Wed, 19 Apr 2000 15:07:19 GMT
On Wed, 19 Apr 2000, Darren Scott wrote:

> It touches on some recent discussion, such as Tom Stuart's posting
> about XSLT formatting.
> My early experiences with XSL (or at least Xalan) show that it is not
> easy to output HTML 4.01 compliant XHTML (ie with spaces before the
> trailing slashes on standalone tags).
> Setting the output to HTML removes all such trailing slashes, and
> setting output to XML remove all such trailing spaces!
> So - to expand, I would like to output validating XHTML rather than

This is indeed essentially the same as what I was asking about. The
frustrating thing is that the (unformatted) Xalan output is almost exactly
what I want! It's just the (mandatory) Cocoon formatters that start
messing with it - and, as a petty aside, produce *really* ugly HTML.

Judging by Stefano's reply, though, I really am just missing something. I
guess that you really are getting XML out of Xalan, so it's only right
that it gets processed into something presentational before getting

An XHTML processor would be nice, if you're up to the task. Oh, and can
you persuade it to leave the textual formatting alone as far as is
possible? org.apache.cocoon.formatter.HTMLFormatter is driving me up the

> I am being stupid?

I probably am too.


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