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Subject Re: ANN: Java and XML
Date Wed, 12 Apr 2000 10:07:06 GMT


I am a new user of cocoon and I have had a look at to find
this book ("Java and XML")...

I certainly didn't look at the right place but I couldn't find any
reference about it ...

Could you help me (please) and send me back the right URL .

Thanks in advance :-)


OK folks:

     If you don't know who the heck I am, I'm Brett McLaughlin ;-)
Seriously, I used to be fairly active on this list, and have been
lurking for several months.  The reason I've dropped out of existence
(as Pier, Stefano, Donald, and some of the veterans know) is that I'm
writing the "Java and XML" book for O'Reilly & Associates.  In fact, I'm
finishing getting the book off to production this week.  While that in
itself may not make you give a rip, this should:

     There is an entire chapter on Apache Cocoon.  Chapter 9,
Frameworks, looks at what a web-publishing framework is.  It goes
through how to select one, and makes a pretty strong argument that
Apache Cocoon is the correct choice today.  That's actually pretty bold
for an author to do, you know ;-)  I'm potentially offending lots of
Enhydra, SAXON, etc. type users.  I hope they don't take it that way,
but I do believe that Cocoon is the most fully features framework right
now, and focuses on that in particular.  I cover how to go from a clean
machine to getting Cocoon from CVS, building it using Ant, configuring
it with Apache Tomcat, and using it.  I include examples for browser
dependent styling, for example discriminating between Netscape and IE.
I spend some time looking at WAP and WML, and have examples of building
an XSL stylesheet to convert an XML document into WML, and have shots of
the Unwired Planet SDK browser reading that.  I cover XSP, including how
to use it, how to access request parameters, and how to create a tag
library.  Examination of FOP is included, and I show how to convert XML
to a PDF with formatting objects and Cocoon.
     Obviously I am covering the 1.x version; until 2.0 is out and final,
and stable, 1.x is the right choice for production environments.  There
is a section at the end focusing on what Cocoon 2.0 brings, such as the
sitemap and enhanced contracts between components.
     As if that wasn't enough (guys, I think this is a big deal; all of
O'Reilly is excited about Cocoon coverage), we are using this chapter as
the beta chapter to put online at  That means
that everyone and their dog is going to see what the O'Reilly XML book
looks like, and get a whopping 37 8.5" x 11" pages (that's about 60
pages in O'Reilly published format!) of Cocoon.  So buckle up -
predictions are for this book to do well, so I'm personally hoping to
see the user list double in size and the developer list to increase by
     This isn't a marketing deal for me, I hope you know (Stefano will
hopefully vouch for me ;-) ), but it is a big deal.  In addition to
hoping everyone buys the book as a promotion to O'Reilly of the power of
Cocoon and open source (the Xerces parser and Xalan transformer are used
throughout the entire book, as well as XML-RPC libraries that are open
source), please support new users as they come online and try to find
out more.

Thanks, and if anyone is interested I can give more information as to
the rest of the book's contents.

-Brett McLaughlin
Author, "Java and XML", O'Reilly & Associates

p.s. Sorry guys, I didn't get the SQL or LDAP processor in - I just
didn't have room.  But, there are things brewing that may fix that over
time ;-)

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