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From Steven Maring <>
Subject RE: outputing XML in XSP logicsheet?
Date Fri, 07 Apr 2000 15:22:22 GMT
Thanks.  I ended up doing the following in my real code.  Note the last four

   String sessionID = request.getParameter( "sessionID" );
   URL productServiceURL = new URL( "<xsl:value-of
select="productservice/url" />" );

   HashMap productServiceParams = new HashMap();
   productServiceParams.put( "sessionID", sessionID );
   productServiceParams.put( "methodName", "getProductGroupCategories" );
   String productGroupCategoriesXML = DataServletUtils.doGet(
productServiceURL, productServiceParams );

   Document productGroupCategoriesDOC = DataServletUtils.getDocument(
productGroupCategoriesXML );

   Element productGroupCategoriesNode =
   Node importedNode = document.importNode( productGroupCategoriesNode, true
   xspCurrentNode.appendChild( importedNode );


-----Original Message-----
From: Mike Engelhart
To: Steven Maring
Sent: 4/7/00 11:11 AM
Subject: Re: outputing XML in XSP logicsheet?

Steven Maring wrote:

> Well, I fork out to an external process that returns a REALLY BIG XML
> that I need to stick in the tree.  I have no control over how it is
sent to
> me.
> What are my options?

Got it - sorry. I thought you were just generating the XML on the fly
yourself in your XSP.

I think you can use the document() call which I don't know the actual
for.  Try searching through the mail archives for XSP and document().
was a thread a little while back that described how to do it.   XSP
you access to a Document object (the variable name is in the XSP docs
but I
think it's "document")

Hope this helps.


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