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From "Kolb, Mark" <>
Subject RE: Complete Example of Tag library
Date Fri, 28 Apr 2000 14:41:15 GMT

I struggled with this also and if you read the very end of the chapter you
will notice a small caveat that says something to the effect that linking to
a file that holds your taglib is not as stable as creating a class and
including it in your $CLASSPATH.

That being said I will post my very simplistic implementation of taglib if
you would like.


I have found that the definition in should be      =

My definition class is "mrk" and I included a complete path, not relative to
apache document directory.  Also notice that I used three ( /// ) in my file
definition.  HTe comment says file://  and in cocoon 1.6 file:///.  I'm not
sure what is really correct but this has worked for me.

Mark Kolb
Systems Engineer
The Hospital of Saint Raphael
New Haven, CT 06511-440
Phone: (203) 789-3791

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From: Gambale, Michael J. []
Sent: Friday, April 28, 2000 10:23 AM
Subject: Complete Example of Tag library

Does anyone have a complete example of a call to a tag library?  I'm having
trouble implementing the example as given in the O'Reilly beta chapter.  All
I need for the example is to just to see the entire contents of the
logicsheet, where its placed and the modifications to the
file. I am running Cocoon 1.7.2 

I believe I have it right for my example but somewhere I'm getting thrown
off and confused by namespace.  I can post my files but if anyone has files
that are already working it might benefit more than just me.



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