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From "Kolb, Mark" <>
Subject RE: IMG tag in XSLT
Date Thu, 06 Apr 2000 19:37:13 GMT

This is how I deal with links.

In my xml file for example:

<link href="/install_1.6.html">Cocoon Install 1.6</link>

The link tag is what xsl parses against.

In my xsl file I place the template match:

<xsl:template match="link">
   <a href="{@href}"><xsl:apply-templates/></a>

I have tested this arrangement and the links will work correctly in the
resultant html.  This too was one of my first problems and I only learned
how through example code.  Hope this helps:-)

I have been experimenting with building my first HTML pages with Cocoon
using the index.htm that comes with Tomcat as a sample page. Cocoon
does not include the <img> tag in the output file. I have tried various
things, include setting it up like the <link> tags with the comment
placed between them. When I run the same .xsl file with an
input .xml file through eXcelon's XSL editor, the <img> tag
is retained with no problem. Any help on why Cocoon drops it?

Joseph Anderson

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