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From "Feldman, Leonid" <>
Subject need help with sql update
Date Mon, 10 Apr 2000 13:48:33 GMT

	My email has been down for a day so I am giving it one last try.

	I cannot get sql update to work with the SQLProcessor.

	<query connection="con">
	  update subscriber
	  set pin = <xsp:expr>newpin</xsp:expr>
	  where id= <xsp:expr>name</xsp:expr> and

	I get the following result:

	[TDS Driver]No result sets were produced by 
				' update subscriber
				  set pin = yyyyyy
				  where id= xxxxx and pin=zzzzz '

	Can somebody send me an example of using of the SQL update
	query with the SQLProcessor or the SQL tag library.


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