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From Darryl Stoflet <>
Subject Re: Questions about ant (a little off topic but..)
Date Sat, 29 Apr 2000 15:54:23 GMT

There is an Ant user manual here:
Also, when you download Ant this file is under the docs directory.
If you download the Ant sources you can even persue the build.xml file
that is used to build Ant to see a fairly complicated build file to 
learn from.
It does not take long at all to get up to speed on creating build.xml
files and it is totally extensible, if there is not a task within
Ant that does what you need you can write one yourself. For instance
we have an ejbc and ejbdeploy task to automate creating ejb jars
and deploying them to our ejb server.

/Darryl Stoflet

Brian wrote:
> Hello all,
>         I am a java developer and research scientist for the Human Genome
> Project at MIT. I am using JRun+Servlets+Cocoon+other apache tools to set
> up a web based tool to "view" some of the data that we generate. I have
> a need for a build tool+CVS space, where the build tool is currently up
> for grabs. Everyone is used to make, however I don't think I have to
> mention the headaches that make can cause for the java developer. I would
> like to propose ANT as our build tool of choice however, looking at the
> source it is not completely obvious how to use it! Can someone point me to
> a good overview of ANT or, lead me through making a project, project space
> and build space? Thanks in advance!
>                                                 Sincerely,
>                                                         Brian Gilman
> ---------------------------------
> Brian Gilman
> Scientific Programmer
> WhiteHead Institute
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Darryl Stoflet

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