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From Berin Loritsch <>
Subject What is the proper way to create and serialize documents?
Date Tue, 25 Apr 2000 11:59:15 GMT
I know this is a little off topic for this list, but both the Xerces
mailing lists
completely ignored this request for help.  We need to create documents
the correct DocType element, and can't coax Xerces to do it with a
DocType.  Can anyone help?

We use Xerces-J 1.0.3, and Xerces-C 1.1.0 in two different parts of our
code.  The Java package is used in new software, and the C++ package is
used in
conjunction with legacy code.  On the Java side, we create an XML based
and pass it to the legacy code.  Xerces C won't process the script due
to a bad
DocType element.  No matter what I've tried (Probably a dozen different
ways), I
can't get Xerces to generate the correct DocType (SYSTEM, not PRIVATE),
or to leave the DocType out altogether.  I'm using the DOM to create the

document, as apposed to pretending that I'm a parser for SAX mode.

currently, we are using this code:

 DocumentImpl doc = new DocumentImpl();
 DocumentTypeImpl docType = new DocumentTypeImpl(doc,


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