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From Sonja Loehr <>
Subject document-processing speed
Date Tue, 25 Apr 2000 09:05:00 GMT

I posted that question some time ago, but without any success,
so I try again

windows 98 (strange enough, I know)
Apache 1.3.9
Apache Jserv 1.1
JDK 1.2.

The problem is still the same:
I refresh one and the same xml-file very often,  each time
with small changes in the stylesheet.
That works fine fo a while, but time passing it takes longer
and longer to process the file (and also others), and
at some point everything (the whole system) seems to be
blocked and calculating itself to death until I shutdown

I think it must have to do with cocoon, because I don't get
any error message, but
instead of the normal 6 lines in the jserv.log

[org.apache.cocoon.Engine@-1725538138] Starting request
[org.apache.cocoon.Engine@-1725538138] Creating page
[org.apache.cocoon.Engine@-1725538138] Document produced
[org.apache.cocoon.Engine@-1725538138] Document processed
[org.apache.cocoon.Engine@-1725538138] Document formatted
[org.apache.cocoon.Engine@-1725538138] response sent to client

jserv arrives only at producing the document, the last three
lines are missing.

What could help you (I'm such a bloody beginner) excluding
some problem-sources:

   * There aren't any other requests at the same time, I'm
     running Apache on my very "private" system,
   * and the document as well as the stylesheet is rather
   * Error messages (syntax errors in the stylesheet if there
     are some), come soon.
   * The time it takes for processing (before the final
     desaster) seems to be different for different documents,
     one being the "main problem".

Would be nice if anyone could at least give me a hint in what
part of the publishing system I could look for the error,
whether it is a configuration problem in cocoon, in jserv,
apache or whether it could simply be the windows system? Could
there be a loop somewhere?

Thanks for spending your time whith such a newbie-stuff


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