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From Darren Scott <>
Subject Re: XSL Output
Date Thu, 20 Apr 2000 10:26:22 GMT
Doh, forgot to attach - here it is....

Darren Scott wrote:
> Donald Ball wrote:
> > > Can I write a formatting class that will solve the problem? If so, I
> > > would gladly do that and contribute it to the collective... It'd be nice
> > > if you could specify an XSLT output method of '(X)HTML' or something
> > > like that(?)
> >
> > What's the matter with just using the XML formatter? The fact that you
> > want <br /> instead of <br/>? I reckon you could patch the Xerces XML
> > formatter to do that instead.
> Correctomundo - the fact that I don't want the majority existing
> browsers to break when I try to feed XML to them!
> Ok, I downloaded the source last night and had a poke around. It seems
> the Xerces people have already thought of this, and have built in an
> XHTML output method, so all we need is an XHTMLFormatter that will hook
> into it.
> So that's what I did - it was v. simple case of making a couple of
> adjustments to the existing HTMLFormatter class. In my setup, I added a
> formatting type of text/xhtml to - this isn't strictly
> correct, because XHTML should have a mime-type of text/html - this
> causes problems when you specify the type in an XSL PI instead of in the
> XML because Cocoon seems to send 'text/xhtml' instead of querying the
> formatter for the mime-type which is set to 'text/html'.
> I have attached it (along with the classfile for other users
> convenience) - perhaps somebody could add it to the CVS tree? Stefano,
> any chance of it being added to the project and included in the new
> release next week? I am convinced that Cocoon needs to be able to output
> backwards compatible XHTML until XML-unaware browsers die out.
> I hope somebody finds it useful enough to include it in the project
> since it's my first contribution. Not much I know but if it's received
> well I might get CVS access and become a regular(ish) developer.
> Regards,
> Darren Scott
> Production Director
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