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From Sonja Loehr <>
Subject a configuration problem? Memory?
Date Sun, 16 Apr 2000 14:19:17 GMT
I got the following problem with apache jserv and cocoon on
windows 98:

One special xml document can't be opened anymore by apache,
for the others it lasts longer and longer. But no error
message occurs, it's just the processor calculating itself to
death, until I shutdown everything.

If everything runs normal, the following 6 lines occur in the
jserv.log for each request.

[16/04/2000 15:10:17:850 GMT+02:00]
[org.apache.cocoon.Engine@-1725538138] Starting request
[16/04/2000 15:10:17:910 GMT+02:00]
[org.apache.cocoon.Engine@-1725538138] Creating page
[16/04/2000 15:10:17:960 GMT+02:00]
[org.apache.cocoon.Engine@-1725538138] Document produced
[16/04/2000 15:10:38:060 GMT+02:00]
[org.apache.cocoon.Engine@-1725538138] Document processed
[16/04/2000 15:10:39:270 GMT+02:00]
[org.apache.cocoon.Engine@-1725538138] Document formatted
[16/04/2000 15:10:39:330 GMT+02:00]
[org.apache.cocoon.Engine@-1725538138] response sent to client

In the case of the "ill" document jserv arrives only at
producing the document:

[16/04/2000 15:23:28:940 GMT+02:00]
[org.apache.cocoon.Engine@-1715641532] Starting request
[16/04/2000 15:23:28:940 GMT+02:00]
[org.apache.cocoon.Engine@-1715641532] Creating page
[16/04/2000 15:23:29:000 GMT+02:00]
[org.apache.cocoon.Engine@-1715641532] Document produced

What problem does it have processing a very small document
with a stylesheet that ran properly before? And why does this
occur (I guess) with a document (I had it with a few ones) the
stylesheet of which  has often been changed and reloaded?
And after all: How can it be that processing takes so much
more time (for any document) than it did at the beginning?

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