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From Brett McLaughlin <>
Subject Re: Java and XML Beta Chapter
Date Sat, 15 Apr 2000 23:52:52 GMT

JJD wrote:
> Hi Brett: I have read the whole chapter 9. Very informative, and
> interesting. Congratulation. You have one buyer. I have a two simple
> questions:
> 1) What animal from the kingdom is making its way on your cover? I have a
> dog name "NT4 0" (he has had several version name changes, and ready for his
> next name change) he keeps looking out windows, and always scratching (must
> be bugs). He loves OReilly books he keeps them like a baseball card
> collection. All the cat families are all chewed up!!!

Actually, only the Java/Nutshell books are animals.  The cover is set (I
don't know why they don't have it up...), it's a little toy thing - hard
to describe.  All the Java series are toys now (servlets - tea kettle,
ejb - train, theads - top, etc.)

> 2) You mention "Ant is a Java-based build tool" does this do the same thing
> as "MKS Tool kit"? I got the demo version to install or configure what seem
> to me the Javadoc, and also used it for external commands. One of the recent
> New York University, XML courses I took we spent more time installing, and
> configuring the Java tools than producing XML input/output. Although I did
> manage to install it correctly I do not know what I did. Weird! Thanks for a
> response. JJD

Ant is a java program, configured with XML configuration files.  I have
never even heard of MKS Tool kit, but Ant is incredible.  Easy as pie,
I've put it in at Turbine, EJBoss, some of my projects - everyone loves


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> From: Brett McLaughlin []
> Sent: Thursday, April 13, 2000 6:49 PM
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> Subject: Java and XML Beta Chapter
> Come and get it ;-)
> The links on the left... sorry the cover picture's missing (which is
> mucho cool), but the chapter's up with all the images.  Let me know what
> you think! (in private mail, please ... )
> -brett
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