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From (Sebastien Koechlin I-VISION)
Subject xsl:param and uri
Date Thu, 13 Apr 2000 15:20:43 GMT
I am trying to split an XML document into small parts,
I put <xsl:param name="p"/> in my stylesheet file, 
and call something like http://.../sample.xml?p=key

But with:
1. sample.xml?p=
	I get an error

2. sample.xml?p=3
	is working

3. sample.xml?p=tv
	isn't working ($p is empty)

4. sample.xml?p='tv'
	is working.

Is it possible to solve the p= problem? I would like to be able
to handle any bad request, and with this, it's not possible.

It also would be nice if parameters could work like common CGI,
and be able to handle things like :


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