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From Brett McLaughlin <>
Subject Re: ANN: Java and XML
Date Wed, 12 Apr 2000 13:58:53 GMT
Sorry for the confusion folks-

	The beta chapter and book are not up on the O'Reilly site *yet* - I was
sort of getting everyone geared up.  It should be up in the next week. 
When it is, I'll post a note to the lists.

Brett wrote:
> Hello,
> I am a new user of cocoon and I have had a look at to find
> this book ("Java and XML")...
> I certainly didn't look at the right place but I couldn't find any
> reference about it ...
> Could you help me (please) and send me back the right URL .
> Thanks in advance :-)
> Pierre
> OK folks:
>      If you don't know who the heck I am, I'm Brett McLaughlin ;-)
> Seriously, I used to be fairly active on this list, and have been
> lurking for several months.  The reason I've dropped out of existence
> (as Pier, Stefano, Donald, and some of the veterans know) is that I'm
> writing the "Java and XML" book for O'Reilly & Associates.  In fact, I'm
> finishing getting the book off to production this week.  While that in
> itself may not make you give a rip, this should:
>      There is an entire chapter on Apache Cocoon.  Chapter 9,
> Web-Publishing
> Frameworks, looks at what a web-publishing framework is.  It goes
> through how to select one, and makes a pretty strong argument that
> Apache Cocoon is the correct choice today.  That's actually pretty bold
> for an author to do, you know ;-)  I'm potentially offending lots of
> Enhydra, SAXON, etc. type users.  I hope they don't take it that way,
> but I do believe that Cocoon is the most fully features framework right
> now, and focuses on that in particular.  I cover how to go from a clean
> machine to getting Cocoon from CVS, building it using Ant, configuring
> it with Apache Tomcat, and using it.  I include examples for browser
> dependent styling, for example discriminating between Netscape and IE.
> I spend some time looking at WAP and WML, and have examples of building
> an XSL stylesheet to convert an XML document into WML, and have shots of
> the Unwired Planet SDK browser reading that.  I cover XSP, including how
> to use it, how to access request parameters, and how to create a tag
> library.  Examination of FOP is included, and I show how to convert XML
> to a PDF with formatting objects and Cocoon.
>      Obviously I am covering the 1.x version; until 2.0 is out and final,
> and stable, 1.x is the right choice for production environments.  There
> is a section at the end focusing on what Cocoon 2.0 brings, such as the
> sitemap and enhanced contracts between components.
>      As if that wasn't enough (guys, I think this is a big deal; all of
> O'Reilly is excited about Cocoon coverage), we are using this chapter as
> the beta chapter to put online at  That means
> that everyone and their dog is going to see what the O'Reilly XML book
> looks like, and get a whopping 37 8.5" x 11" pages (that's about 60
> pages in O'Reilly published format!) of Cocoon.  So buckle up -
> predictions are for this book to do well, so I'm personally hoping to
> see the user list double in size and the developer list to increase by
> 50%.
>      This isn't a marketing deal for me, I hope you know (Stefano will
> hopefully vouch for me ;-) ), but it is a big deal.  In addition to
> hoping everyone buys the book as a promotion to O'Reilly of the power of
> Cocoon and open source (the Xerces parser and Xalan transformer are used
> throughout the entire book, as well as XML-RPC libraries that are open
> source), please support new users as they come online and try to find
> out more.
> Thanks, and if anyone is interested I can give more information as to
> the rest of the book's contents.
> -Brett McLaughlin
> Author, "Java and XML", O'Reilly & Associates
> p.s. Sorry guys, I didn't get the SQL or LDAP processor in - I just
> didn't have room.  But, there are things brewing that may fix that over
> time ;-)
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