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From Brett McLaughlin <>
Subject Re: LDAP lookup problem/question 1 - "cn=*"
Date Tue, 11 Apr 2000 22:17:11 GMT

Daniel Barclay wrote:
> Are pure-wildcard queries like "cn=*" allowed in LDAP?


> I've managed to get the LDAP processing working, but pure-wildcard
> searches don't work.
> A query of "cn=*a*" or "cn=*a" works, so I know I've gotten the various
> pieces working.

Try (cn=*).  Sometimes the parenthesis really make a difference in LDAP.

> However, when I try "cn=*", I don't get back the expected list of
> everything.  In fact, the ldap-query element is not even replaced (e.g.,
> with an empty ldapsearch element or an error element).
> Is this an LDAP limitation (maybe it doesn't support wildcard-only
> searches)?
> Is this a server setting (maybe the server I'm querying doesn't
> allow wildcard-only searches)?

Might be a permissions issue - sometimes ACLs exist restricting the
access (and therefore searching capability) a user class has.  However,
if you can do cn=*a*, you should be able to do cn=*

> Is this an LDAP processor configuration problem or bug?

Can you do this directly through JNDI?  That's be the way to isolate the
problem to Cocoon or not.


> Thanks,
> Daniel
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> Daniel Barclay
> Digital Focus
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