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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: Enhydra vs Cocoon - with new Cocoon idea
Date Mon, 10 Apr 2000 14:22:17 GMT
Steven Maring wrote:

> Here's an idea for Cocoon though.  How about a way to stick a document
> manager at the front of the process that can check the state of change on
> original data, and point a reference to a pre-Cocooned xhtml page if no
> state has changed.  I'm just thinking of ways to limit the requirement for
> processing, if even just formatting, on every request.  i.e. Have a sort of
> automated change management procedure that can automatically start the
> generation of new *.html files from various events.  Those events could
> either be timed, or based on file changes, like Suzie from PR just changed
> an aricle in the XML.

This will be done with the Stylebook integration with Cocoon2. It's a
feature that is already planned.
> The thought is that for some pages, they may only change once in a hundred
> requests, and it seems silly to process every request in a servlet container
> if the page never changed.


Unfortunately, to avoid the cocoon servlet being called at all, you
would need something like a mod_cocoon that uses the web server cache to
store the page and avoids calling it back... but something like this is
very much like a proxy and cannot be more powerful unless it does go
back to the servlet to check if the pipeline must be regenerated.

It's much more tricky than it seems, but with stylebook capabilities +
time-to-live of page + a good proxy up front + cocoon dynamically
adapting cache, I think you can easily handle _huge_ loads with not many
processing resources.

At least, I've seen what it takes to handle 100 dynamic req/sec on an
Oracle Application Server and Cocoon can already kick ass on that,
today. Gee, and I around saying that Cocoon1 is a crappy design.

I would never be able to sell anything, I'm too honest. That's why you
get my software for free :)

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