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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: Multiple Levels of XSP
Date Mon, 10 Apr 2000 09:23:41 GMT
Roger Vaughn wrote:
> I'm trying to put together a page that will run through the XSP
> processor *after* going through the XSLT processor.  What is the best
> way to go about doing this?
> Here's the complete scenario:  I start with an XSP page that dynamically
> includes a pure-data (read, no Cocoon headers) XML page.  This then gets
> processed by XSLT (driven by headers in the XSP page) to produce HTML
> output.  I would like to process this HTML through XSP *again*, because
> I expect it to contain a few expressions from XSP taglibs.  After the
> second XSP, the output should be browser ready.

Hmmm, the idea of multiple XSP is not that great.
> I'm going about things this way to keep a clear separation of
> responsibilities.  The XSLT sheet can be coded by web coders, who can be
> expected to understand XSP taglib tags.  These tags are part of the
> presentation, not the content, and therefore don't seem to make sense
> earlier in the process.  The XSP sheets and the XSP taglibs themselves
> can be coded by Java coders, who may not understand the final
> presentation.

This is the whole deal of XSP taglibs but has anything to do with
multiple XSP passes.
> Is there perhaps a better way to accomplish what I'm trying?

It seems to me you want to:

 1) include data with XSP
 2) transform it into something + XSP
 3) execute it
 4) transform it into HTML

is this right?

Ok, then the problem is 1) which should be done _without_ the need for
XSP.... the problem is that you probably need to wait for Cocoon2 and
the XInclude filter to see this happening...

...or maybe you could try with external entities.

> To quote the anonymous original author, this stuff rocks.  I had just
> started using JSPs, but after finding Cocoon, I have already given them
> up!


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