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From Ulrich Mayring <>
Subject Re: SV: Shameless Developer Recruiting & new aspects
Date Mon, 03 Apr 2000 15:17:34 GMT
kasper wrote:
> We have experienced a type of similar response to a serious request to the
> usergroup where we are offering a project to be placed in the market based
> on the technology. As a serious user of this maillist we made a request to
> Stefano Mazzocchi at first, that advised us to post the request to the user
> list. Unfortunately we have only received one answer to our posting and
> that was in terms of getting out of this list with that type of requests,
> blah blah.

Well, you do have to use some judgment on this. On this list nobody will
mind, because cocoon is new and there are not many specific cocoon jobs
around. But, if you think about a Java list, then you sure wouldn't want
all Java jobs being posted there.

> This attitude could be changed into a more constructive approach with a
> more constructive result for both entrepreneurs and developers. I can
> suggest that we make a new mail list or a meetingplace  where
> entrepreneurs, capital and developers can meet to change cocoon tech. into
> profitable projects.

This is always the best solution, but I'm afraid currently cocoon is
still too unknown for this site to become useful. Therefore I certainly
wouldn't mind having job postings here - it helps gauge the demand for
cocoon as well and thus review our strategic decision for/against it. It
also helps to see what others are doing, what kind of applications
they'll expect to create with cocoon.

> >but I have to tell you: such companies don't have problems paying 125K$
> >for a Vignette StoryServer licence.... and don't have problems running
> >clusters of huge Sun machines to run the Oracle Application Server when
> >they could spend one tenth using a bunch of PCs + FreeBSD + Apache +
> >JServ.

Well, I don't blame them either. Sometimes the cost of information (or
lack thereof) is much higher than the few dollars you save in hard- and
software. The strong point of cocoon (IMHO) is not that it runs on
crappy hardware and costs no licensing fee, but that it is
standards-based and OpenSource. Also, it helps that it is a very well
designed architecture. However, we're not going to throw out our Suns
just because cocoon may also run on a PC :)

> > we need a killer story!

Have you looked at Software AG's share price recently? AFAIK they
haven't done anything revolutionary in the last three months, just the
regular business of putting out new releases. But they were hyped,
because they do XML and the share price soared. (I don't mean that their
products are hype, just that the financial world hyped them)

So, the XML train is rolling, every new product coming out claims to be
XML-based. Expect to see Microsoft integrate "their" XML into their
OSes. So, the hype is there, it just needs to be channelled - but do you
really want excessive hype for cocoon yet?


Ulrich Mayring
DENIC eG, Softwareentwicklung

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