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From "Yahoo" <>
Subject RE: RE: Storing XML in databases w/o lots of string parsing....
Date Sun, 23 Apr 2000 04:36:11 GMT

I read over everything I could find on the Ozone site and still
can't understand how to use it. Is there more documentation somewhere?
Also, what are the reasons/arguments for using a RDBMS over an
OODBMS or ORDBMS or files system? Is it true that things like
XPath only work on a single document?


|--- Original Message ---
|From: "Robin Green" <>
|Date: 4/21/00 9:33:51 PM

|"Williams, Murray Todd" <> wrote:
|>And even then, the thing I'm try to get at remains the same:
is there a
|>really good way to store XML material in a "binary" intermediary
step that
|>might allow a person to circumvent the processing load encurred
by parsing 
|>big string with a SAXParser (or DOMParser, but I'm going to
try and think 
|>SAX-land since it's The Way with Cocoon 2.)
|How about object-oriented databases? Bit of a paradigm shift
though! See 
|Ozone for example.
|>  Parser/lexers are nice, but do
|>they scale when you're talking about trying to build a dynamic
web site
|>capable of taking on a monster load??
|I don't know, but surely the obvious thing to do in an RDBMS
is to try to 
|create indexes for the most common search criteria. What are
you trying to 
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