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From "Yahoo" <>
Subject RE: Re: [Offtopic] InstantDB to be Open Source!
Date Fri, 21 Apr 2000 16:24:36 GMT

Oh this would be awesome. I"ve been trying to do the same thing
with hSQL (just started, so nothing encouraging to report). I
think if we had a package that installed Tomcat, Cocoon and something
InstantDB with some XML pages that connected to the database
(Driver syntax, etc included) it would do wonders for useability.


|--- Original Message ---
|From: Stefano Mazzocchi <>
|Date: 4/20/00 8:57:30 PM

|Robin Green wrote:
|> I know this is offtopic, but it must be quite common to use
a database with
|> Cocoon, so I thought people would be interested in this news:
|> I just went to today to routinely
read the manual,
|> and was redirected to this:
|> InstantDB has been bought by Lutris (sponsors of Enhydra)
and they are
|> promising to make it open source. As far as I know it will
be the world's
|> only open source, pure Java, production-quality (i.e. not
alpha or beta)
|> RDBMS publicly available. This is excellent news! The license
will be an
|> MPL-style-license:
|> so as far as I can see (IANAL) it will even allow certain
kinds of
|> proprietary derived works (like the Apache Software Foundation
|> unlike the GPL).
|> Oracle won't be trembling in their boots _just_ yet - InstantDB
just isn't
|> in the same class. Not yet, anyway... but who knows what the
future might
|> hold? ;)
|That's -great- news.
|As soon as I grab it, I'll do a cocoon distribution that runs
with SQL
|support out of the box, how could would that be? :-)
|Of course, you're free to use whatever database you like...
but total
|portability is _always_ good, isn't it?
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