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From "Robin Green" <>
Subject Re: Multiple Levels of XSP
Date Sun, 09 Apr 2000 16:44:34 GMT
Roger Vaughn <> wrote:
>I'm trying to put together a page that will run through the XSP
>processor *after* going through the XSLT processor.  What is the best
>way to go about doing this?

I don't know whether this is the _best_ way, but this is _a_ way - putting 
this in your stylesheet(s):

  <xsl:template match="html">

    <xsl:processing-instruction name="cocoon-process">type="xsp"

    <!-- Optional - apply another stylesheet -->
    <xsl:processing-instruction name="cocoon-process">type="xslt"

    <xsl:processing-instruction name="xml-stylesheet">



As for whether your architecture is a good one - I'm not the one to ask. 
I'll leave that question to more knowledgeable folks. :)

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