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From Matthew Cordes <>
Subject DTD and relational database
Date Fri, 07 Apr 2000 16:29:26 GMT
Hello all, 

I want to make a generic class that will create an xml document based 
upon rules passed to it and a ResultSet ( data from database ).  For 
instance, perhaps I have the following row in Oracle:

Art			Painting	Mr. Smith	smith

and I want to create this xml

<CATEGORY value="Art">
	<SUBJECT value="Painting">
				Mr. Smith
I realize that it is pretty easy to go from my row to xml, but I want 
to make something generic enough I can just pass it a ResultSet object
and some rules and it will spit out the correct xml Document.

Is there a way I can use the DTD to do this?  Or atleast to specify the 
rules?  Also, anyone familiar with Xerces ( Apache's parser ), could you 
tell me how to create a new DTD from within my java code.  This part 
is a litle confusing to me.

Does anyone know of a package that will do this?  (Probably not) In that
case I'm going to try, any suggestions?


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