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From "Yahoo" <>
Subject RE: Re: Converting HTML to XML/XSL
Date Thu, 13 Apr 2000 04:27:46 GMT

Please take a look at XSplit from Percussion at

I'd love to know if it works. It claims to be a "Free utility
for converting


|--- Original Message ---
|From: Ed Knutson <>
|Date: 4/6/00 12:05:51 AM

|> But don't get your hopes up too much with HTML Tidy's XHTML
|> or XML conversion tools.  In my quick checks, the
|> HTML->XHTML conversion was significantly incomplete.  It
|> mangles overlapped tags, it fails to treat <script> elements
|> correctly,...  And in my use it's not too stable either.
|I had a developer convert about 50 documents using Tidy.  It
has a lot of
|options to configure/needs a lot of tweaking.
|There is a mode of operation where it only fixes overlapped
tags.  It's
|sometimes a good idea to use a two or three pass approach. 
It doesn't get
|confused so easily when it has less simultaneous tasks.
|You're still not going to get out of removing all the style
related elements
|and moving them to a style sheet.
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