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From "Williams, Murray Todd" <>
Subject RE: Storing XML in databases w/o lots of string parsing....
Date Fri, 21 Apr 2000 18:16:13 GMT
It's a decent enough question.  It looks like Tamino is not open-source, nor
is it a nice standard (I really like the universal nature of JDBC).  There
might be open source XML (or at least object) databases out there.
Nevertheless, I'm approaching this more as an academic "I want to get a
better fundamental grasp" question rather than a "I need to fix this
immediately" sort of question.

And even then, the thing I'm try to get at remains the same: is there a
really good way to store XML material in a "binary" intermediary step that
might allow a person to circumvent the processing load encurred by parsing a
big string with a SAXParser (or DOMParser, but I'm going to try and think in
SAX-land since it's The Way with Cocoon 2.)  Parser/lexers are nice, but do
they scale when you're talking about trying to build a dynamic web site
capable of taking on a monster load??

Maybe the SAX parser is really really fast and my whole question is moot.
(I'm willing to believe that.)  In that case, I'll just continue to store
XML documents as BLOBs (or CLOBs).

I'm working on the Oracle solution.  Their claim to being able to do tag
searches in SELECT statements was a little underwhelming.  They actually
expect a really structured XML document (more like a data-entry format) and
they create a table that just stores tag values in columns.  I found it
anything but novel.


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> How about using a native XML database engine, like Tamino? 
> (Sorry, could not resist :-) 

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