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From (Mohamad Mataram Purbo)
Subject Cocoon for Japanese Mobile Phone
Date Thu, 06 Apr 2000 07:37:05 GMT
Dear All,

I'm writing experimental 'portal' site for Japanese web-enabled mobile phone
(as you might all aware that there are already 10 million mobile-web-user
here with billions page-view a day in total).

There are 3 major players in Japanese mobile market:
1. NTT DoCoMo (about 60% market share), using CHTML, with about 7000
content-provider CHTML specific.
2. IDO (20% market share), using HDML, (i don't know the figure, but i guess
some hundreds)
3. J-Phone (20% market share), using MML, more than 100 of content-provider

All of these systems can access HTML content with many limitations.

I'm trying Cocoon to serve to all of these types of web-device.
My problem is,

Not all of the mobile-client agent sends user-Agent information on HTTP
header, so I cannot use Cocoon mechanism to recognize these client. But they
do sends some specific information in the HTTP header to identified

for example,
J-SH02 (latest model of Sharp for J-Phone with 256 color display) sends
information in the header:
etc etc...

To resolve this problem, i'm thinking of preprocessing the http header info
before passing the request to cocoon.

Well, anyway i cannot think of any 'clean' and 'elegant' solution for this
problem. Just wondering whether one day Cocoon will has customized way to
recognize user agent.

Does anybody has idea about this?

Anyway, thank you to the creator, for this great product.

Best Regards,

M. Purbo
APAS, Inc.

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