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From Ed Knutson <>
Subject Re: Converting HTML to XML/XSL
Date Thu, 06 Apr 2000 00:05:51 GMT
> But don't get your hopes up too much with HTML Tidy's XHTML
> or XML conversion tools.  In my quick checks, the
> HTML->XHTML conversion was significantly incomplete.  It
> mangles overlapped tags, it fails to treat <script> elements
> correctly,...  And in my use it's not too stable either.

I had a developer convert about 50 documents using Tidy.  It has a lot of
options to configure/needs a lot of tweaking.

There is a mode of operation where it only fixes overlapped tags.  It's
sometimes a good idea to use a two or three pass approach.  It doesn't get
confused so easily when it has less simultaneous tasks.

You're still not going to get out of removing all the style related elements
and moving them to a style sheet.


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