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From Kevin Sonney <>
Subject Fixing LDAP Examples
Date Mon, 03 Apr 2000 23:18:02 GMT
OK, so I've got everything I need to make LDAP work.

But the darn thing was returning the text of the XML document instead of
running the query. Hmm. Well, since Donald was handy (he was teaching a class
at the office today about XML/XSL/XSLT) I asked him about it.

Nobody had explained to me that getting the un-marked up text of the xml
document in your template meant that the processor wasn't processing. 

Well, it's the default ldap.xml, so the tags must be right, right?


The default ldap.xml is incorrect. To properly run,l it should look like this :

<!-- Being LDAP Example -->
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<?xml-stylesheet href="ldap.xsl" type="text/xsl"?>

<?cocoon-process type="ldap"?>
<?cocoon-process type="xslt"?>

  <ldap-server name="searchlight">

 <ldap-query server="searchlight" ldap-searchbase="c=US">

<!-- end LDAP Example -->

Now, I'm working out the new and improved ldap.xsl to go with it. but *THIS*
document will return data from  bigfoot's public LDAP server. 

- Kevin Sonney

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