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From "Roger Vaughn" <>
Subject RE: A Working Config for Tomcat 3.1b1 and Cocoon 1.7
Date Thu, 30 Mar 2000 23:37:19 GMT
Beautiful.  Just what I was looking for.  Thanks.
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  From: Joel Hughes []
  Sent: Thursday, March 30, 2000 8:58 AM
  To: Tomcat-User (E-mail); Cocoon-Users (E-mail)
  Subject: A Working Config for Tomcat 3.1b1 and Cocoon 1.7

  It was a struggle but Tomcat and Cocoon are finally cooperating with
webapps that are not under the tomcat directory tree.
  I've included the important bits from my config files for the rest of you
who are having a similar struggle.

  Version: Tomcat 3.1b1, Cocoon 1.7, Apache 1.3.11, OS NT 4 sp 6
  So you can make sense of my files:
  - htdoc root is C:\Development\Projects\www\htdocs
  - tomcat root is C:\Development\ApacheGroup\jakarta\jakarta-tomcat
  - example site is 'eCare'

  1. eCare webapp layout
  .../htdocs/eCare/*.xml (site xml files such as eCareLogin.xml)
  .../htdocs/eCare/WEB-INF/classes/eCare.class (servlet)
  Note: all references to the eCare servlet are of the form

  2. eCare webapp web.xml

  3. Apache/conf/httpd.conf
  Added handler for cocoon:
      Action cocoon /servlet/org.apache.cocoon.Cocoon
      AddHandler cocoon .xml

  Added include for tomcat.conf
  Note: I did not use tomcat-apache.conf as it was not being updated with
tomcat.conf on initialization of tomcat.

  Note: There were no virtual hosts in httpd.conf.

  4. jakarta-tomcat/conf/
      4.a server.xml
          <!-- eCare -->
          <Context path="/eCare"
docBase="C:\Development\Projects\www\htdocs\eCare" debug="0"

      4.b web.xml
          <!-- Cocoon -->

      4.c tomcat.conf
          - commented "AddType test/.jsp .jsp"
          - commented "AddHandler jserv-servlet .jsp"
          - commented "ApJservMount /examples /root"
          - created "ApJservMount /servlet /ROOT"
          - created following eCare config section:
  ## eCare Configuration
  Alias /eCare C:\Development\Projects\www\htdocs\eCare
  <Directory "C:\Development\Projects\www\htdocs\eCare">
    Options Indexes FollowSymLinks
    Options -Indexes
    DirectoryIndex index.html
  <Location /eCare/WEB-INF/ >
       AllowOverride None
       deny from all
  ApJservMount /eCare/servlet /eCare

  Hope this helps.

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