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From "Roger Vaughn" <>
Subject Need Help with Cocoon/JRun/Apache
Date Sun, 19 Mar 2000 18:37:17 GMT
I just set up Cocoon on my server, and though I have the basic working, I
could use a little help tuning it.  What I'm seeing seem to be JRun setup
problems, but I would appreciate tips from those of you who have done this
particular config.

The server is RedHat 6.1 with Apache 1.3.9, JRun 2.3.3, and Cocoon 1.7.

I'm having two problems:

1- I can't get JRun to recognize "index.xml" as a default page.  I
configured this into the JSE properties so that it reads
"index.html,index.jsp,index.xml", but the server refuses to bring up
index.xml by itself.  And yes, I restarted JRun several times.

2- Several of the example pages get returned as XML source instead of
getting processed.  Yet, other samples and my pages (so far), get processed

Any hints would be appreciated!

Here's more on my JRun config:

- in jsm-default/properties/, added cocoon, xerces, xalan,
fop, and jndi jars to java.classpath.
- in jse/properties/, added index.xml to defaultdocs.
- in jse/properties/, added
- in jse/properties/, added
"", and "".

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