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From "Wiedmann, Jochen" <>
Subject RE: Announce: XML::EP
Date Fri, 24 Mar 2000 11:55:25 GMT

Hi, Stefan,

> AAAAAAhhhh, we've been cloned!!! :)
> Well, it shows that some of our ideas are cool. That's good.

100% agreed. :-)

> Ok, far from entering a language-religious flamefest here, 
> people, but I
> would like to suggest you to keep the same XSP semantics as we defined
> it and help us improve it in case it doesn't fit your needs.

I agree again. XSP fits into the framework far better. I take it as
my personal task to clone XSP as far as possible. (If noone else does,
of course. :-)

However, there are a lot of EHTML systems around in the Perl world:
EmbPerl, Mason, ASP and HTML::EP (my personal baby) and getting some
kind of compatibility would be a big plus and could help to give a
good start. That's all.

> The best part is that we _are_ planning to add support for 
> PERL directly
> inside Cocoon, using IBM's Bean Scripting Framework. So you don't have
> to clone the Cocoon architecture to obtain the same functionality.

I have seriously considered to create XSP support for Perl. What
kept me away from doing so, is the following:

  - It is quite hard to integrate Perl into Cocoon. That's not due
    to problems with Cocoon, but Perl itself hash problems! The
    thread abilities of Perl are really ugly, at least considering
    5.005. This problem is the reason why mod_perl runs so bad
    under Windows: There is a global lock that prevents Perl driven
    pages being executed at the same time.

  - I would like to have a framework in the style of Cocoon even
    if I cannot use Cocoon. In other words: If I can't use Servlets.
    This is the case for most ISP's I know.

The former problem was more important. I just have more knowledge
in writing Perl applications than in combining Perl, Java and C
in a single application.

In business I am much more related to Java, so be sure that I follow
the development and my ultimate fun would be to exchange Perl based
XSP pages! In fact I already wrote "Tamino producers" and "Tamino
processors" for Cocoon. (Tamino is a native XML database engine from
my employer, Software AG.) If Cocoon goes Perl, be sure that I am
the first one to get both things under a common hat.



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