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From Henning von Bargen <>
Subject AW: XML database engines (Was: Announce: XML::EP)
Date Mon, 27 Mar 2000 15:31:38 GMT
Hello Jochen,

Is there an open-source equivalent to Tamino?
Could Cocoon be it with a little further work?
I thought Tamino is using a relational database kernel?

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> Von:	Wiedmann, Jochen []
> Gesendet am:	Montag, 27. März 2000 17:24
> An:	''
> Betreff:	XML database engines (Was: Announce: XML::EP)
> > XML databases are in my view pointless.  We can use any  number of tools
> > to generate XML from database records.  Using text files to store
> > information is slow at best, and unusable at worst.
> That's like arguing against the use of XML in favour of CSV files.
> An XML database engine can do anything that an SQL engine can do -
> and even more. Consider a database with customers and order.
> The customer-order relation is obviously better normalized, so you
> implement it with a customer table and an order table. So you do
> in an XML engine: You create a document type customer and a
> document type order. However, did you consider the order positions?
> You need a third table in the case of the relational database.
> Big deal, you say. I use joins and everythigs fine.
> But, beleave me as someone who is used to the subject: It is just
> simpler in the application to view the XML document than the two
> tables (order/orderpos). You never want to use the former without
> the latter and vice versa. Normalization is ugly in that example.
> Again, this is not the case for customer/order: You *are* using
> the customer as a separate thing and you *are* using the order as
> a separate thing.
> Sorry for speeking as an employee of a company selling an XML database,
> I'll stay quiet on the subject from now on. However, I am also someone
> who knows both worlds and I doubt most others have.
> Thanks,
> Jochen
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