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From Robert Curlee <>
Subject Re: xsp question
Date Fri, 31 Mar 2000 19:02:27 GMT

Thank you for your reply.

> If you're trying to access another system that returns XML as text, like say
> a CGI on another server or something, there are hacks to get it to work like
> the document() function which parses external xml documents, but if you're

Actually, yes I'm trying to parse an external xml document from within
another xml document.  I want to have users create a few XML pages which
could be shared/used by other useers which they could include in their
xml pages.  Basically here's what I'm doing.  Someone would create an
xml document describing a table of contents.  This would be a general
table of contents that other people could use in their xml pages. 
Instead of having those other users manually cut and paste the table of
contents xml into their xml page, I'm trying to devise a way for them to
include the xml document describing the table of contents.

Would the document() function work for this?  Could you give me an
example of how?

Thank you..

Robert Curlee                           CAIDA, 0505
Vis/Sim Programmer                      SD Supercomputer Center
phone: (858) 822-3605                   9500 Gilman Drive                    La Jolla, CA 92093

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