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From Sven Kuenzler <>
Subject Re: HOWTO: Dynamic Filter
Date Wed, 29 Mar 2000 12:40:23 GMT
Hi Mike,

> You need an <xsp:page> element, but it still won't work
> because XSP does not pass through the namespace element.
> <heresy>
>   You can use JSP for what you are trying.
> </heresy>
> Your example would look like this:
>   <xsl:stylesheet version="1.0">
>     <xsl:variable name="concerns">
>       <%=request.getParameter("concerns")%>
>     </xsl:variable>
>     [...]
>   </xsl:stylesheet>

Well that means I have to install yet another package. BTW: Has anybody
archieved to
mix jsp with Cocoon? The gnujsp install guide says that it works on
files with .jsp as extension. So I'd have to do something like

<?xml-stylesheet type="text/xsl" href="../style/todo.jsp"?>

So that JSP would replace its processing instructions before they can
confuse Cocoon/Xalan, right? ;)

Nevertheless, let's try to get that straight by using Cocoon alone. As
my earlier postings may have shown I have a hard time understanding this
"separation of logic-content-style" thing.

The actual problem is that I have a static xml file with todo entries.
This is styled by a xsl file that does the conversion to HTML. So,
separation of content and style is  already there.

Now, I'd like to let the user decide which entries of the todolist shuld
be shown. This could easily be done if there was a way to dynamically
change a single XPath expression in the xsl file.

However, this would break the separation of logic and style, right?

Thus, I'd have to write a xsp page that does the logic part by creating
a xslt file that is custumized by the user's wishes. In a second run,
this XSLT would be applied to the todo.xml doing the final conversion.

phew. Quite a task to do for simple string substitution. 
Never mind that the current implementation of XSP breaks the separation
itself because you need to do this <xsp-pi...> thing you mentioned in
your former posting.

So, how will this look under the new Cocoon 2 architechture? It is
mentioned  somewhere on the website that Cocoon 2 will assist you in
keeping this separaton. How will this be archieved?


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