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From Michael Schneider <>
Subject Re: Request for help (Tomcat-jserv-apache) - REAL basic
Date Sun, 19 Mar 2000 14:16:47 GMT

I had the same problems with Windows NT.

I am new to apache and jserv and tomcat, so I had a
difficult time putting all of the pieces together.  It
took me a little while to understand how all of the
pieces fit together.

The documentation for each piece was very good.  And
the integration docs provided some good data, but the
integration docs were not for the novices.

I have not determined how to use  ../Tomcat/conf/tomcat-apache.conf.

The basic problem that I had was the missing
line from the tomcat.conf file  (Step 12).  I did not see this steps in the

docs, but I may have missed them.

Hope this helps,

Steps a beginner took - Please email me improvements and I will add/modify

This is the approach that I took:

1) download Tomcat, and get it working  (validate by opening localhost:8080

     in netscape, and trying all examples)

2) Download cocoon and follow the instructions in the docs/install.html

NOTE:  I commented out the XSP resources and the LDAP process (may
              not be necessary) from the file

3) copied samples directory from cocoon dir to Tomcat/webapps/Root

4) Opened   localhost:8080 in netscape to verify that I did not break

5) Ran all JSP and servlet examples (again to make sure that I did not
    make stupid mistake)

6)  Opened   localhost:8080/samples

    (You should get a directory listing of the samples directory in the

7) Open localhost:8080/samples/index.html (you should see a rendered
    xml page with links to all examples)

8) Try each example  (Note: XSP will not work with commented out resource,
     and you will need to download VRML plugin)

-------------------- Congratulations!!!! you now have Tomcat and cocoon

9) Install Apache Port 80  or port 8090 if not Root (Tomcat will listen
    on port 8080, pick a different port for Apache)

10) open http:/localhost    (if Apache is listening on port 80)
      http:/localhost:{Apache Port Id}

11) Follow the instructions on  ../Tomcat/docs/Tomcat+Apache


    - Include ../Tomcat/conf/tomcat.conf
    - download and install  in apache dir
    -  do Step 12) below

12) Add one more line to your tomcat.conf file in  ../Tomcat/conf

#################### All xml files will go to coc
AddHandler jserv-servlet .xml

#This will map xml to the jserv engine

13) copy samples directory from coccon dir to  Apache/htdocs/samples

14) Fire up apache

15) Fire up netscape   (open http:locahost:{apache port}  )
     NOTE: you should get the apache startup
16) Start up tomcat

17) Open http:/localhost:{apache port}/samples
      Note: you should get the samples directory from the cocoon dist

18)  Open http:/localhost:{apache port}/samples/index.xml

     NOTE: you should get the cocoon samples index page

19) Try out each of the test xml pages

Autobahn Internet Services wrote:

> I'm using Tomcat3.1, Cocoon1.7, and the latest version of Apache on
> a RedHat6.1 Linux box. I've followed all the installation directions
> (edited, added a path the Tomcat in httpd.conf, have
> the correct CLASSPATH set, et al), but I can't get the example files to
> work - all that gets displayed are the .xml source files.
> Is there something else I have to do to apache to get it talking to
> cocoon?
> Thanks in advance,
> Todd Ellner
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