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From Ian Abbott <>
Subject Re: Can't create store repository: /./repository
Date Fri, 17 Mar 2000 16:50:08 GMT
"Kevin C. Rea" wrote:
> Donald,
> Let me ask you a question:  Does the directory '/./repository' make sense to
> you?  Don't you think I read the damn error message?  How about telling us
> an example of 'where' this might reside rather than assuming we can't read.
> -Kevin

Kevin, sorry about this, but if you did read Donald's message then you
would have seen him recommend setting an absoluate path in

I mean, I came across this error when starting out with the XSP builds,
but it only took me a second to realise that '/./repository' was some
relative path that only Cocoon knew, so I just changed it to

Not that hard, really, is it?


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