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From Neil Katin <>
Subject Re: document() in cocoon again
Date Thu, 09 Mar 2000 18:18:54 GMT
I've been running into much the same problem, but I think that server
caching *is* the problem.  The cache validation algorithm seems to
detect changes to the "main.xml" file and to script arguments, but
I suspect it doesn't look at included files when deciding if the
cached entry is valid.

Peeking through the source code, I thought an easy fix would be to be to add
a "cache=false" argument to the script.  In your example:


Alas, that too only helps the first page.  I think the fix needs to be
made to either cache/CocoonCache/getPage() to check the request for the
cache flag, or to have getPage check the original file to see if the timestamp
has changed.  But perhaps not, since:

I thought a more brute force approach would work: to change
and uncomment the "cache ="line with "NoCache", and comment out the line
with "CocoonCache".  I tried this and it also didn't help (even though
the Cocoon.xml status page says "no cache", so I know the property change
was noticed).


	Neil Katin

John Ky wrote:
> Actually, compilation doesn't seem to be
> the problem.  I think the problem is that
> the browser isn't told that the document
> has changed.
> I worked that out by using the following:
>     main.xml?a=1
>     *change data.xml*
>     main.xml?a=2
>     *change data.xml*
>     main.xml?a=3
> And I get the updates of data.xml in the
> output.  This is why I think it is a caching
> problem.  For some reason caching isn't
> a problem when I change main.xml or
> style.xml - I think in these cases the
> browser was told that the page has
> changed, but in the data.xml case,
> the browser was not told.
> So how do I insist that the browser not
> cache the output from Cocoon?
> Thanks
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> John
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