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From Daniel Schneider <>
Subject Re: Ann: intro examples - docs in french - index page
Date Mon, 06 Mar 2000 19:45:45 GMT
Dirk-Willem van Gulik wrote:
> I pointed some collegues to it; and they where very happy with the
> pages in that it gave them an easy entry in.
> Would you be interested in cleaning them up a bit and donate them
> for use on the web site; say in a 'beginner's section ?
> Dw.

If it is urgent I can't (overworked right now). But I could do it
within a time frame of 1 or 2 month.  What ought to be done is:
 - cleaning up (quite a lot)
 - homogenizing (e.g. using same basic elements, preferably based on a single DTD)
 - some more examples
 - better documentation, don't know how yet but should not cost too much and still
   be helpful
   - minimal documentation inside each sample directory ?
   - XML comments inside the code ?
   - a global, single XML documentation page using the "official" DTD ?
 - other ideas ????

That's one full week of work at least ... maybe more for somebody with my computer
and writing skills :)

So: Right now I will continue to add things in anarchistic ways while
learning myself (like a simple FO example this morning) and in a month or 
2 I will take time to clean and package and submit it to the community
if it's still useful then ....

that ok as proposition ? 

- Daniel

PS: If you want a really minimal thing I could do it before, but I don't think
that the official cocoon site should have quick and dirty examples. You decide :)

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