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From "Yahoo" <>
Subject RE: Re: Announce: XML::EP
Date Mon, 27 Mar 2000 14:59:44 GMT

The argument for using commercial software instead of open source
is made up of a few points in my experience:

Commercial companies are perceived as having a more vested interest
in the sustained use of a product. They will upgrade, that's
how they make money. They will offer customer service and support
to keep their customers happy, thus attracting new customers.
They will offer documentation to make customer service and support
cheaper. Other vendors will make hooks into the products. And
why would someone in their right mind make software for free?
And then of course if the marketing. Have you ever seen the marketing
materials for Vignette Storyserver? If there's a problem in life
it doesn't solve I didn't see that mentioned in the literature.
Never mind the incredible price, obscurity of languages and lack
of developer resources.


|--- Original Message ---
|From: Stefano Mazzocchi <>
|Date: 3/27/00 11:13:51 AM

|Ulrich Mayring wrote:
|> > P.S: And sorry for dropping so much SAG product names on
this list.
|> > This wasn't my intention.
|One thing I don't understand: why commercial software is normally
|"attractive" than open source software?
|Example: JServ is a servlet engine not an application server.
But what
|is an application server? 
|Other example: Cocoon doesn't say anything about B2B... but
what the
|hell is B2B? sharing files with common syntax? Gee, that's something
|never heard before, isn't it?
|All marketing-hyped terms make commercial software more "appealing"...
|while open source software is purely technical driven so it
|appears...well... "dry" to marketing people.
|But even to some techies... and this is still scary!
|For example, look at Apache: I heared managers saying "yeah,
we run
|Apache because our technical people love it and they start screaming
|everytime we say something about IIS or IPlanet... but their
GUI is so
|Or: "I'm using JRun because it has servlet chaining while JServ
|have it".
|[this one almost killed me]
|Next trend? XML databases.
|What to earn easy money? write a "B2B capable, web-anabled,
|application-server pluggable, XML database"... but don't ask
me what it
|is, I have no idea.
|But somebody will buy it, or give you venture money to create
|that's for sure.
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