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Subject Re: XSP Organisation Problem
Date Wed, 08 Mar 2000 10:45:09 GMT

the code that I share are in class files

they are stored in 


then I put


in my classpath in

then I am able to access them from my xsp files using the syntax I suggested before

if you need to keep these shared files as xsp files then you'll need to create your own namespaces.
I've not done this myself but they are included in the xsp examples.  Look in
to see how the namespaces are setup

hope this helps

> wrote:
> you will have to do something like this...
> <xsp:structure>
>   <xsp:include>com.myclasses.*</xsp:include>
> </xsp:structure>
>Hello Ron,
>sorry, I'm a bit of a Java neophyte. So I looked in the repository and
>located the source code for one my XML pages that use the common XSP
>code. It says there:
>package _usr._home._ulim._work._xml;
>public class _inhalt extends XSPPage { ... }
>Now, as might be guessed, the path to this page is
>/usr/home/ulim/work/xml/inhalt.xml - but I can't reference this as a
>class/package name, because on the production server paths will be
>different. Does this mean I have to create a class and/or a package
>within my code and then include it like in your example? Will this
>prevent cocoon from "inventing" package and class name according to
>filesystem path?
>thanks a lot for your help,
>Ulrich Mayring
>DENIC eG, Softwareentwicklung
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