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From "Steve Belt" <>
Subject Where is the root directory? Or, Do I have the correct Tomcat?
Date Wed, 01 Mar 2000 18:25:17 GMT
Pardon this most obvious question, but I could not find the answer in docs,
FAQ, nor the MailList:

I have installed Cocoon 1.7 using Tomcat on my Win98 machine running Apache.
I can view the Cocoon.xml file (I can even view a page using my

I now want to view a page using the file producer, but I keep getting "File
not found" errors from the Cocoon engine. If my URL is
http://localhost/appointments.xml, in what directory should I place the
appointments.xml file? Apache's root directory is [ApacheDir]/htdocs. I am
using the default server.xml installed by Tomcat, so "/" points to
[TomcatDir]/WebPages. I have placed my .xml and .xsl in both folders, but
still I get the error.

Note: according to the FAQ, Tomcat has a problem exposed by Cocoon. As
instructed, I downloaded the latest Tomcat. It was not clear, so I
downloaded the latest .jar - was I suppose to checkout the latest CVS and
compile it myself? How do I confirm my version of Tomcat has the fix in

Again, Sorry for such a basic question, and thanks for any assistance.


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