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From Mark Washeim <>
Subject Re: XML Query language
Date Fri, 18 Feb 2000 00:03:15 GMT
on 17/2/2000 21.33, Toby Ferguson at wrote:

>>> Or, put it another way, pure MVC!
>> Ok, firstly the use of the Model View Controller pattern, inductively,
>> yields an important piece of information. Namely, the logic part of the
>> exquation is contained, so to speak, in the controller. The controller
>> drives the application, not the Model. But the controller does not
>> 'constrain' the design of the Model (which, after all could be a Composite
>> pattern of other objects).
>> This gets very complex if you stop for a moment and remember something.
>> Although in our panacea mode we expect Cocoon (Processors, filters, etc) +
>> Data (XML) + XSL to be our implementation of an MVC, it's actually NOT the
>> case. This is the real aggregation:
>> Controller Layer:
>> Cocoon + XSL (I place XSL here while it mediates between the 'real' view and
>> the model, just like the other parts of the controller)
>> Model Layer:
>> Structured Data Sources (SQL -> XML, XML files, etc)
>> View Layer:
>> HTML, PDF, ASCII (my favourite), GIF, etc.
> I have to offer an alternate opinion here - I see a View as an abstraction of
> a
> Model, providing a "read-only" abstraction of the Model. In other words, it
> abstracts from the implementation and representation that the Model uses, and
> also abstracts from the interactive properties that the Model might present.
> Given that the View is an abstraction, then it *might* be simply inert data
> (HTML, PDF, ASCII), but it also can be an active component, configured with an
> XSL stylesheet, which represents the Model (which, presumably, provides an XML
> representation). So, in that case, I think that XSL fits into the View side of
> the MVC paradigm. Indeed, as XSL is part of a one-way filter, I think it fits
> there best of all.

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