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From Joel Hughes <>
Subject RE: Cocoon XSP Session ID != Jserv HTTPSession ID
Date Sun, 13 Feb 2000 19:55:25 GMT
The issue was with multiple servlet zones.
My development machine has multiple servlet zones for different projects.
Cocoon was installed and configured in a default fashion making reference to
the root zone (default Jserv zone).  My initial XSP work was also in this
default zone as I was working with the examples. 
Recently I moved all the new XSP development work to a new zone, but made no
changes to the Cocoon configuration.  My xml->xsp->xsl process was working,
the cocoon servlet was being called, so when I noticed the Session ID issue
I did not believe it was related to zone configuration.  My understanding at
this point is that a Cocoon servlet must be assigned to each zone; I haven't
done this yet as I'm back working in the default zone trying to get my work
In any case, my machine is much cleaner at the end of the day; recompiled
Cocoon a few times and reinstalling everything Java related including Apache
and Jserv.  It was during zone verification after the Jserv install that I
came across reference to multiple cocoon servlets in the cocoon installation
Thanks for your response Mike.


-----Original Message-----
From: Mike Engelhart []
Sent: Saturday, February 12, 2000 10:54 AM
Subject: Re: Cocoon XSP Session ID != Jserv HTTPSession ID

Joel Hughes wrote:

> Issue

> XML -> XSP -> XSLT -> HTML -> post to servlet -> servlet put.Value into
> session
> -> next round of XML -> XSP get.Value from session (values null, as not
> same session)
What is the XSP and servlet code you wrote that is getting the session
value?  The XSP engine automatically calls getSession(true) for every XSP
request page. Are you forcing it somehow to create a new session  in your
servlet or XSP pages?  I've been using sessions with XSP and servlets for a
while now and it works fine. The only change I made was to the XSP engine
code to make it call getSession(false) so that it didn't automatically
create a session. This should be changed to the default because rarely do
you want the XSP engine/servlet engine to control session generation.


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