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Subject Re: Cocoon blues under the Sun
Date Wed, 02 Feb 2000 03:39:22 GMT

montefin wrote:
> Cocoon has won the award! The neatest piece of software with the most
self-defeating documentation.

Let me introduce myself.  As the newest committer to this project, let me
start off by saying that I have absolutely nothing to do with the sins of
the past <grin>.  What I _WILL_ say is that I intend to fix the build
process documentation before I begin to make more substantial contributions
to the content.  And I can use your help.  Tell me what doesn't work
(preferably here for all to see, or privately if you must), and more
importantly, tell me what you actually had to do to get it to work.

This is not my first open source project.  I've contributed in minor ways
to a few, but this will be my third major one.  For each, I've followed a
consistent pattern.  First I documented the build process.  Take a look at for an example of my work.

As luck would have it, my second one happens to be Jakarta.  Expect similar
results there, just as soon as humanly possible.  And don't worry,
everything I do will be done on both WinNT and Redhat Linux, so you will
see the benefit too.  Meanwhile, let me take a guess as to what your
current problem might be.  The only reason I can see for you to get a
response from a server indicating that it is unaware of a project named
jakarta-ant would be that you are sending the request to the wrong server!

For cvs help on checking out jakarta, I'd like to point you to .  I can't take credit
for this page, but I have made minor improvements to it, and would be
willing to take constructive input on how it could be improved.

Good luck!  And don't give up just yet!

- Sam Ruby

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