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From Richard Duim <>
Subject RE: Multiple XSL from 1 XML using DCP
Date Thu, 10 Feb 2000 14:43:09 GMT

I've got cocoon up and running (GREAT!!!) 
First thing is to start using Cocoon for serving web content.

Same challenge:

I have a single xml doc and an bunch of xsl's i want to apply.
Depending on user action i want to apply different stylesheets, still using
this 1 xml-doc

Possible Sol.
What i thought of was the following: write an XSP page that copies  the
source xml nodes and inserts the stylesheet element in the result-tree.

a few ?'s: 
*how can i influence the processing order. i.e. xsp -> xml + xslt ->html
(actually the xsp-result is reprocessed with the xslt being set in the the
xsp itself)
*how to use the built in xsp objects :request and the DOM Utility Class

this way means no hassle with cocoon sources but using the standard

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