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From "Kirk V. Hastings" <>
Subject New User Question:Can I do this?
Date Wed, 09 Feb 2000 23:27:40 GMT

I will soon be in a place job-wise where I can finally begin to play with 
Cocoon. However, before I get started I'd like to assess what exactly will 
and won't be possible with the present version. Rather than ask a lot of 
questions that nobody will read, I will ask you instead to look at the 
following URL:
(Internet Explorer 4+ only, Netscape hates my CSS stylesheet)

This is my attempt to reproduce the look and feel of DynaWeb using XSLT, 
XT, and James Clark's XT Servlet running under Tomcat. It's really quite 
amazing what you can do passing a bunch of parameters around in the URL. 
Check out the automatically generated index, toc expander, 
note/citation/index reference highlighting, and other nifty features. 
However this is never going to be a production solution. It's slow and 
would kill a high-traffic server. So my big question is, can I do something 
similar with Cocoon? Would the approach be basically the same. Would I see 
a significant performance gain?

Thanks for any and all comments...


Kirk V. Hastings
Digital Publishing Specialist
Library Systems Office
386 Doe Annex
University of California
Berkeley, CA, 94720

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