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From Zeljko Trogrlic <>
Subject Re: New Cocoon distribution
Date Thu, 10 Feb 2000 21:28:03 GMT
>> One suggestion: separate distribution for users (without source and
>> probably ant) and other for developers (with everything). I'll go for it if
>> that makes zip at least 500 k smaller.
>I don't know if this is really neccessary; everyone I know doing
>development (myself included) go straight to CVS.  Downloading a distro
>for development strikes me as a bit silly, as you are almost guaranteed
>to have something in an older version.  Things change too quickly in
>this project to ever get a distribution to do development on.
>What do you think?

That probably means that developer version is not necessary, but user
version is.
Zeljko Trogrlic

Aeris d.o.o.
Sv. Petka 60 b, HR-31000 Osijek, Croatia
Tel: +385 (31) 50 06 75

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