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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: Installing Cocoon 1.7
Date Fri, 25 Feb 2000 11:58:41 GMT
Terry Paddy wrote:
> OK Stefano, perfect!
> >Guys, the LDAP processor should be commented out.
> Did that and the samples page sprung up as per 1.6 however I can't get the
> Cocoon Status page. I couldn't in 1.6 either, I just get the HTTP 404 - file
> not found page. I thought Cocoon created Cocoon.xml on-the-fly? Anyway no
> joy there.

Hmmmm, strange. Make sure you do ApJServAction .xml
/servlet/org.apache.cocoon.Cocoon or equivalent... probably Apache
doesn't know that /Cocoon.xml should be handled by Cocoon and tries to
look at it from disk. You might try to put a fake page there and see who
picks it up.

Anyway, I think the /Cocoon.xml status page sucks big time... I'm
thinking about doing something better there... probably for Cocoon2
> Also in my samples the "First XSP Page (pure content version)" shows the
> 'table' but has no 'request data' in the right hand columns of the table.
> The other 2 XSP examples work fine.

That is _very_ strange. It worked just fine on every system I tried it
on.... and nobody else said this.... what is your system?
> All the "Formatting Object Rendering" examples just give me a nice blank IE5
> display. No errors, no data ... nothing?

Old trouble with IE: it reflects on file extention rather than MIME
type... the usual M$ way of messing up good standards.
> Just while I'm on a roll here, the VRML sample gives
> Invalid at the top level of the document. Line 1, Position 1
> #VRML V2.0 utf8
> ^

This is even worse. the '#' char _IS_ the VRML comment. This is how it
should start.

Man, install a real browser and try again :)
> I assume if I remove the # it will work, haven't done that yet.
> >Oh, no, wait.... you're from New Zealand.... I'll welcome it only if
> >"Luna Rossa" wins tonight :)
> Yes, I hope "Luna Rossa" does win, it's becoming a one horse race :-}
> But don't hold your breath for the next race. its due to start 1315 Sat 26
> Feb NZDT which is about 0015 Sat 26 GMT, and weather forecasts are for light
> winds (like yesterday when racing was XX'd)

which is about 1:15 AM CET :( another long night...
> Regards from the home of the Americas Cup ... Terry

Thanks, BTW, I always wished to visit New Zealand... maybe one day when
I have time... and money :)

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