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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: cache bugs?
Date Fri, 18 Feb 2000 12:13:35 GMT
Ulrich Mayring wrote:
> Rick Tyler wrote:
> >
> > I found that foo.txt is NEVER reloaded, even if the timestamp is
> > updated.
> >
> > Ideas?
> I'm having similar problems. XSP files are not reloaded, unless the XML
> files referring to them are updated. And XSL files referred to from XSP
> files are never reloaded, no matter what (except by restarting Apache).

These are two different things.

Ricardo is working right now in fixing Urlich's problem.

Rick's problem is _NOT_ easily fixable unless we throw away parser
modularity and stick Cocoon on top of Xerces.

The problem is: how does Cocoon know that a document has external
entities? Nor DOM or SAX provide this information :(

So what do you say: use Xerces and forget about other parsers, or stick
on pure APIs but forget the ability to reload if external entities
change... or create another parser inside Cocoon, but that's a no-no

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