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From Ulrich Mayring <>
Subject Re: XML Query language
Date Thu, 17 Feb 2000 13:11:24 GMT
Mark Washeim wrote:

> (well, we'll have to kick in interfaces for content managers. hopefully we
> can do so and contribute them back to the community.

That would be extra-special, because it is something I need, too ;-)

Maybe a short expansion on our publishing background: we have too many
publishing platforms and too many data sources.

- our websites (internal, external, public and restricted access).
Currently we use a program I have written to manage this content, which
basically resides in XML files and a relational database.
- our press person writes articles in Word
- our lawyer manages his legal data in a way, that is yet unknown to me
- we have much information in email templates
- we have some information in Excel-Spreadsheets

Now, all of that data goes partly to the Website, partly to a fax
distribution channel, partly to our members in newsletter form, partly
to our customers in email form etc.

So, if I had a way to let our lawyer manage his legal documents and our
press person to manage his press articles etc., all of that without
anyone breaking anything: that would be heaven.

> Not your fault. I was unclear. I meant, if user A intends a document to be
> rendered as a PDF by the system, by default (URI), and user B can only
> refer
> to said document as a URI, then user B may NOT be able to use the document.

Well, if we make the "default" document an HTML document (assuming that
everyone in our company has a browser and can access HTML documents),
then we can make our HTML documents such, that an automatic link is
included that will render the document as PDF (or whatever else), when
it is clicked.


Ulrich Mayring
DENIC eG, software development

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